4 Waterslides You’ll Want to Try at Dollywood’s Splash Country

4 Waterslides You’ll Want to Try at Dollywood’s Splash Country

  • June 6, 2022

Dollywood’s Splash Country is packed with exciting attractions for all ages, including some of the most thrilling waterslides on the planet! You’ll find everything from jaw-dropping freefall slides to racing slides where you can challenge your friends in a race to the splashdown finale! There is just no better way to spend a warm summer afternoon in the Smoky Mountains. Here are 4 waterslides that you’ll want to try at Dollywood’s Splash Country:

1. Slick Rock Racer

The Slick Rock Racer is a unique mat slide that features 4 water drenched racing lanes, each side by side. After grabbing your mat, you’ll head to the top of the slide and lay belly down for your race to the bottom! The slide starts with an initial dip to build up speed, then you’ll experience multiple bumps to gain additional momentum! It’s a blast to see who can reach the finish line first, and you’ll want to ride the Slick Rock Racer again and again to see how fast you can go!

2. Fire Tower Falls

boy on waterslide at waterparkAnother one of the breathtaking waterslides that you’ll want to try at Dollywood’s Splash Country is Fire Tower Falls, which is actually a pair of twin freefall slides that rise 70 feet into the air! This body slide is not for the faint of heart, as it’s the tallest and fastest slide in the park! Once you climb to the top, you’ll lay down on your back and be propelled straight down into the 140 foot water filled lane at the bottom! Your adventure ends with a major splash that is sure to impress any of the spectators watching the action!

3. Big Bear Plunge

The Big Bear Plunge is one of the most popular waterslides at Dollywood’s Splash Country as it is a large raft ride that the whole family can ride together! This extreme white water rafting adventure takes you through dark caverns with winding bends and steep drops, so you’ll feel the sensation of being on an actual wild river expedition! The Big Bear Plunge ends by crashing through a waterfall before sending you down a bumpy cliff into the pool below! Since the ride can accommodate up to 4 riders, you’ll love watching the other family members in your raft get soaked!

4. Wild River Falls

A guest having a blast on a tube slide at Dollywood's Splash Country.When you have a waterslide named Wild River Falls, you know you are in for some serious fun! This is actually an amazing slide complex of 4 colorful tube slides that are built into the natural hillside, so you’ll want to try them all! Each downhill journey ranges from open air slides where you’ll ride down in the warm sunshine to slides with dark tunnels that will have you screaming in delight! You can choose to ride Wild River Falls in a single tube, or you can ride with a friend in one of the double tubes!

We bet you can’t wait to visit Dollywood’s Splash Country and try these exciting slides! Learn about the top ways to make the most out of a day at Splash Country, then plan your visit. We look forward to welcoming you to the Smoky Mountains!