4 of the Most Unique Places You Should Visit on Your Pigeon Forge Vacation

4 of the Most Unique Places You Should Visit on Your Pigeon Forge Vacation

  • October 26, 2018

When the time comes for your Pigeon Forge vacation, you’re going to be a bit overwhelmed with all the choices that are offered. We think that some of the best ones are quite unique, offering never-before-seen treasures, items, and excitement that will make your vacation extraordinary. Let’s take a look at 4 of these places that’ll surely heighten your curiosity!

1. Smoky Mountain Cat House

cat with a toyThe ​Smoky Mountain Cat House​ is located in The Old Mill District, and it features ultra cute accessories for you and your little feline friend! Cat-themed apparel, jewelry, food, toys, and just about everything you can think of related to cats can be found inside. This fantastic gem is every cat-lover’s dream, and it’s been going strong for over 3 decades, with the owners doing their best to delight guests with their abundantly distinct selection.

2. Pigeon Forge Snow

Pigeon Forge doesn’t see a whole lot of snow during an average winter, but you can enjoy it year-round at ​Pigeon Forge Snow​. This is absolutely the place to be for a one-of-a-kind tubing experience the whole family can get behind! Amazingly, they make their own snow inside. Yes, we said inside, and they keep it nice and comfortable so you don’t need to dress in layers. This is an adventure like no other that shouldn’t be missed.

3. Goats On The Roof

You may have done a double take on the name, but a visit ensures that there are, indeed, ​Goats On The Roof​. It isn’t just the goats that make this a unique and popular place during your vacation in Pigeon Forge; you’ll want to take a ride on the mountain coaster and let gravity guarantee the thrill. You can also shop for souvenirs, indulge in sweets, and do some gem mining for some all-in-one fun at this special attraction!

4. Outdoor Gravity Park

zorbing aat the smoky mountain outdoor gravity parkSome of the most awesome outdoor fun can be experienced at Pigeon Forge’s ​Outdoor Gravity Park​. Going zorbing may seem like a totally foreign thing to you, but if rolling downhill inside a giant ball sounds like fun, you’ll want to check out this activity. Don’t worry, even though it sounds dangerous at first, it’s very safe and exciting to do. It’s wonderful during the summer, with its cool water splashing you, but also during the winter without it!

We hope that you’ll choose to visit one of these unique places on your Pigeon Forge vacation. We know you’ll be happy staying with us, so ​reserve a room​ at our convenient location on Dollywood Lane!