6 Things That Make The Old Mill in Pigeon Forge Amazing

6 Things That Make The Old Mill in Pigeon Forge Amazing

  • November 28, 2018

The Old Mill in Pigeon Forge is a historic place that has been serving the public since the early days of the community. The population and technology has grown and evolved to do much more than just maintain the survival of a small town. Today, tourists are amazed at what this place offers, and here are 6 things you’ll want to know!

1. The History on Display

Since the early 1800s this grist mill powered by the Little Pigeon River provided grains and flours to the pioneers in the area. It’s an old but still quite efficient way of giving a much larger population a taste of old-fashioned, good ingredients. This impressive mill is also an awesome sight, and is one of the most photographed mills in the country!

2. Products Made On Site

sack of flour from a millThe products made from the mill are packaged and made available to the millions of tourists who visit. You can get items such as cornmeal, grits, a variety of flours, pancake mixes, and many more. The General Store has all of these items for sale, and you can even find them at the Farmhouse Kitchen where samples are available for your pleasure as well!

3. Diverse Shopping Choices

We mentioned that their products made on site are what makes up part of 2 of the stores here, but there’s much more all around you! ​Pigeon River Pottery​ is a neat place with talented potters churning out creations that fill the store. There’s also the Candy Kitchen for those who want to satisfy their sweet tooth! That should be enough to convince you of the variety in store for you!

4. Excellent Events

A place as popular as The Old Mill in Pigeon Forge is also deserving of being a central location to many festivities throughout the year. The two restaurants in this area always have a special meal for all the major holidays, including a visit from Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny for kids to enjoy. The nearby Patriot Park is also home to the Fourth of July Celebration and plenty of other entertaining events.

5. The Best Dining Around

pottery house at the old millYou can’t talk about The Old Mill in Pigeon Forge without discussing some of the best food in the entire Smoky Mountain area. ​The Old Mill Restaurant​ has been a favorite several decades now, and has built up a reputation as a place where you won’t leave hungry. ​The Pottery House Cafe and Grille​ gets a little more creative with their dishes, but the main ingredients are quite similar, and they are always super delicious!

6. Go Anywhere in Town from Here

One of the most convenient ways to get around town without driving is right here too. The ​Pigeon Forge Trolley​ is an easy way to get to your destination, and they have a color-coded system that works very efficiently. If you’re planning on using it often, get yourself a daily pass and don’t worry about fishing around for change!

Now that we’ve given you some valuable information on The Old Mill in Pigeon Forge, we’d like to welcome you to stay at our hotel that’s convenient for your visit. ​Book your stay​ today for a great moment in your own history!