Top 5 Shops in Pigeon Forge to Find the Perfect Souvenir

Top 5 Shops in Pigeon Forge to Find the Perfect Souvenir

  • July 18, 2018

A vacation in the Smoky Mountains is filled with many fun activities for the family, but there are also many shops in Pigeon Forge to find fantastic gifts for yourself or that special someone. You’ll be amazed at all the souvenir shops scattered all over Pigeon Forge. We’ll help you find the right one for you by listing 5 unique little shops to find that special gift that you’ll treasure.

1. Country Barn Gift Shop

Country Barn Gift Shop Pigeon ForgeSometimes it’s easy to miss some really good shops in Pigeon Forge when you’re driving down the busy Parkway; the ​Country Barn Gift Shop​ shouldn’t be one of them. For more than 30 years, they’ve been a source for good quality collectible items, and being a locally owned business with a good amount of local products will make you feel good about making a purchase here. Many return customers would agree this is a great place to shop for great lasting gifts.

2. Three Bears General Store

The ​Three Bears General Store​ is one of the premier places to find great souvenirs on vacation. Of all the shops in Pigeon Forge, this is one of the largest with a vast assortment of items for sale. You can find just about any Smoky Mountain souvenir imaginable here, and if you have a sweet tooth, their fudge counter has a nice selection of the prized treat. We dare you to walk out of this establishment empty-handed, as it’s nearly impossible.

3. Smoky Mountain Cat House

cat playing with orange toyLocated in The Old Mill Village is one of the most popular places to shop for your feline friend. The ​Smoky Mountain Cat House​ is a unique little cat shop that contains cute gifts for your happy cat. Cat lovers adore this place for its wide selection of items that aren’t necessarily tailor-made for you furry friend; souvenir items can also be bought for your undying love of cats yourself!

4. MoonPie General Store

Shops in Pigeon Forge cover all the bases, and you’ll be over the moon with the next souvenir shop. The ​MoonPie General Store​ is worth a visit if you’re a MoonPie fanatic, or just curious about the Southern specialty. The MoonPie is a delicious combination of marshmallow, graham cracker, and chocolate, but you’ll find a mixture of apparel, glassware, and much more novelty items inside.

5. Sandman’s Workshop

man carving a stoneLastly, the ​Sandman’s Workshop​ is one of the most ideal places to shop in Pigeon Forge for a special one-of-a-kind gift. Their stones are perfect pieces for family members with a garden, or just for display as a neat decorative item inside the home. Located in The Old Mill Village, this rock shop will carve anything on the piece that you selected from their bins. This will be done in a timely and professional manner with the highest quality and attention to detail in mind.

You’ll find many more fantastic little souvenir shops in Pigeon Forge, but we feel you’ll be super impressed with the 5 we just gave you. All of these shops are just a short drive from our hotel, so ​reserve a room​ from us to shop and then come back to your room to drop and have a good night’s sleep!