5 Reasons Why Your Kids Will Love Our Pigeon Forge Hotel

5 Reasons Why Your Kids Will Love Our Pigeon Forge Hotel

  • August 1, 2018

We think you as parents will love our Pigeon Forge hotel, but if you’re bringing the kids along, they’ll also think very highly of the place that they’ll call home for the next few days of fun-filled excitement. While they’ll be quite thrilled with the many entertainment options in Pigeon Forge, we have 5 reasons why the kids will love their stay here at All Season Suites.

1. Our Outdoor Pool

In between trips down the Parkway to enjoy all the games and candy shops, they’ll still have a good time enjoying the seasonal outdoor pool at our Pigeon Forge hotel when they get back. We have staff members who care about the cleanliness of the area, making sure the pool is free from pool clutter and the towels are well-stocked. It’s definitely the place to be after a warm day in the sun!

kid using wifi at hotel2. They Can Stay Connected

We wouldn’t want to see your kids on their devices all day while staying at our Pigeon Forge hotel, but the reality is that kids will want a little time online. We offer free WiFi so that your kids can at least share some of their wonderful experiences on vacation. There’s too much fun here not to let them stay in touch with their friends back home.

3. Arcade Room

It may be hard to drag your kids away from their devices at times during your stay at our Pigeon Forge hotel, so you might want to show them our awesome arcade room to share some of your favorite childhood memories. They might laugh when they see how big these games are, but still, they will not be able to resist these old-school classics once they start.

4. Breakfast Variety

Another view of the breakfast and cafe area at our Pigeon Forge hotel

No one wants to go to a hotel offering a free breakfast and be disappointed with the options. Kids will love the fact that they can grab some of their favorite sugary cereal, or a tasty pastry to take back to the room at our Pigeon Forge hotel. You can also show them how easy it is to make a waffle at our waffle maker. With our breakfast, they’ll be wishing they could have it all day!

5. They Can Have Some Privacy

The rooms at our Pigeon Forge hotel are spacious with our selection of one and two bedrooms. This means that you don’t have to spend your entire vacation in a cramped hotel room with your kids. After a long, hard day of enjoying the attractions in Pigeon Forge, now your kids can retreat to their own room to watch TV or play games. A little space won’t hurt from time to time, even when a vacation is all about togetherness!

We can’t think of anything more ideal than taking your kids with you to our Pigeon Forge hotel. We have endless amounts of amenities, and throwing in all the things you can do just outside our doors, it makes for an outstanding family vacation. What are you waiting for? All Season Suites is waiting for you to ​reserve a room​ to give you that perfect family getaway with the kids!