Top 5 Candy Stores in Pigeon Forge to Get the Best Homemade Fudge

Top 5 Candy Stores in Pigeon Forge to Get the Best Homemade Fudge

  • February 1, 2022

When it comes to delicious homemade fudge, you won’t find a better selection of candy shops than Pigeon Forge! This tasty treat makes a perfect snack to satisfy your sweet tooth, or you can take some fudge back home as a gift for your family and friends! Here are the top 5 candy stores in Pigeon Forge to get the best homemade fudge:

1. Chocolate Monkey

One of the top candy stores in Pigeon Forge is the Chocolate Monkey! This exciting store offers a wide variety of fudge varieties made with real cream and butter, including flavors such as Peanut Butter, Banana Pudding, Caramel Seasalt, Rocky Road and Maple Nut! You also won’t want to miss their famous specialty, the award winning Monkey Butter Fudge! There are tons of other goodies for sale too, including giant caramel apples, truffles and even Chocolate Monkey t-shirts!

2. Old Mill Candy Kitchen

Old Mill Candy Kitchen candy store in Pigeon ForgeThe Old Mill Candy Kitchen is a popular destination for delicious homemade candies, including their amazing fudge! Take a peek at all of the tempting fudge selections behind the glass counter and pick your favorite, or try something different to discover a new go to! The Old Mill Candy Kitchen has plenty of other delightful treats too, including small-batch nut brittles, creamy chewy caramels, taffy, hand-dipped chocolates, hard candies and their famous Bear Paws!

3. Country Candy Kitchen

When it comes to the top candy stores in Pigeon Forge for fudge, you’ll want to put the Country Candy Kitchen on your itinerary! The store’s copper kettle fudge is their original recipe and really is handmade in copper kettles! Select your favorite flavor to take home from an assortment of options including Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Turtle Pecan, Maple Walnut and Vanilla Pecan! If you are a lover of fudge, this is a place you don’t want to miss!

4. The Fudgery

fudgeThe Fudgery has been dedicated to serving some of the world’s best fudge for over 25 years so be sure to check out their local location at The Island in Pigeon Forge! The fudge is created right in front of your eyes by using the best ingredients this side of eastern Tennessee, and the friendly employees even sing show tunes during the fudge making process! Fudge lovers can purchase the delicious treat by the pound with 12 different flavor options ranging from rocky road and chocolate peanut butter to maple nut and extraordinary chocolate!

5. Big Rock Candy Kitchen

The Big Rock Candy Kitchen offers some of the creamiest fudge that you ever tasted, as well as unique flavors like Butterfinger, Mounds, Raspberry and Banana Pudding! There are a variety of other mouthwatering candy products for sale too, including salt water taffy, crisp caramel apples, gourmet popcorn and gelato! It is no wonder why this shop is considered one of the sweetest places to visit in Pigeon Forge!

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