5 Best Restaurants in Pigeon Forge to Have a Family Dinner

5 Best Restaurants in Pigeon Forge to Have a Family Dinner

  • December 19, 2018

When you think of great Southern meals, you have plenty to choose from all the great restaurants in Pigeon Forge. However, you can find many different cuisines in this wonderful tourist hotspot! So, expect an all-around excellent experience with the family at these great eateries! We’re going to tell you about the places where dinner is served best around here!

1. Pottery House Cafe and Grille 

You certainly won’t want to ignore the gem that is the ​Pottery House Cafe and Grill located across the street from The Old Mill. It is a wonderful restaurant in Pigeon Forge for great homemade entrees that are perfect for families looking for their hunger to be satisfied after a day of walking. The plates are all made next door, and their food is true Southern goodness. If you’re not convinced, their extensive menu that includes delightful pies for dessert should seal the deal!

2. Local GoatThe Local Goat Restaurant

After a meal at ​Local Goat​, we won’t blame you if you feel like the “Goat” stands for Greatest Of All Time. That’s a reaction caused by a vast display of quality food and service that’s consistently received here​. ​Opening in 2016, they have built quite a following using a formula for creating great gourmet burgers that complements their nod to quality Southern dishes. Take a visit to see why people are raving about the food. 

3. Huck Finn’s Catfish

You may be miles from the coastline, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great choices for seafood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee! ​Huck Finn’s Catfish​ looks like a great family environment and succeeds with all the feels too. Using farm-raised catfish from the good old U.S., this is excellence in taste and quality. They also serve wonderful Southern-style specialties that you may not find back home. The atmosphere and food make this a fantastic dinner option for the family!

If you find yourself craving even more seafood, check out these seafood restaurants in Pigeon Forge!

Blue Moose Burgers and Wings4. Blue Moose Burgers and Wings

The one thing that restaurants in Pigeon Forge do perfectly is the attention they pay to what customers desire on vacation. Of course we’re talking about standard comfort foods, and nothing’s more satisfying than a burger and fries. ​Blue Moose Burgers and Wings​ is a great place for the entire family to enjoy this American combination along with some of their tasty chicken wings.

5. Corky’s BBQ

Of course you can find good barbecue among the cluster of fine restaurants in Pigeon Forge! ​Corky’s BBQ​ gives you an unmatched selection of some of the best meats and sauces this region can offer. Their barbecue is Memphis-style, but it has found a great home here on the opposite side of the state too. All your favorite traditional Southern dishes are too numerous to mention, so be ready to do some serious pigging out for dinner!

These restaurants in Pigeon Forge represent some of the best you can find here in the South. Millions of tourists every year find great pleasure in dining here, and you’ll find plenty of enthusiasm in our hotel too! ​Want to know why your family will want to stay with us? Find out the reasons why families love our 2 bedroom condos here! To be in the middle of all the deliciousness, ​book your room today!